With our primary mission of “No Family Left Behind”, we focus on educating families in the 6 major areas of financial security: Cash Flow, Debt Management, Building Wealth, Proper Protection, Preserving Wealth, and Estate Planning. Too many individuals and families are not receiving instruction and training in these vital financial skills with our modern education system, and the trickle-down effects over the last century has left entire generations of families crippled behind the wealth and legacy curve.

Under our system, once a client’s needs are assessed, we make suggestions for improvement across these 6 areas and offer specialized products to solve for these needs, as well as conducting annual or periodic reviews for further maintenance and addressing life goal changes. Some of our major tools include the Universal Bank, and Million Dollar Baby strategies, privatized pension plans, real estate investment strategies, term, whole and indexed universal life insurance with various riders, the exclusive Everest Funeral Concierge Package, and our complimentary budgeting and cash flow analysis.

For those interested in joining our team and vision, we’re always looking for additional talent! We strive to provide excellence not only in service and education, but also through teaching others leadership principles and values. Individuals that wish to expand and grow their skills can use our leadership system to coach others to success, while earning healthy compensation for their time and efforts. Even if you aren’t seeking full-time work, our word-of-mouth, referral-based system can provide you with an additional stream of diversified income. Come and see if you have what it takes to work with our agency!

Let’s secure your future together.